Fields of education

Cleaning, Real Estate and Security Services

  • With degrees in cleaning, real estate and security, you will gain competence in real estate, housework, cleaning services and security jobs. In Eduko, you can focus on personal assistance, property management, housework services, facility maintenance, technical property management, premises maintenance and security.

Process and Laboratory Technology

  • The process industry produces food, fuels, cosmetics, chemicals, pulp, paper and board, among other things. The job of the process manager is to work in the manufacturing processes of these products. The process manager monitors, manages, adjusts and controls the process, as well as maintains the equipment. In the laboratory field, your work tasks are related to quality control, monitoring of production processes, and research and product development. In your work, you work in research or development assignments where you take and process samples, analyze and report on the results. Versatile tasks also include quality control or monitoring of production processes.

Aircraft Maintenance

  • Aircraft maintenance training is for you who are interested in technology and want a respected profession. You want to study and work in a diverse and international field of technology.

Art, Crafts and Design

  • Degrees in the field of arts and design are  visual expression (implementer of visual expression), interior decoration (artesan), crafts  instruction (artesan) and product /jewellery making (artesan).

Electricity, Automation and Building Service Technology

  • The electrical, automation and building services industries need a variety of professionals in electricity generation, distribution, transmission, electrification, repair and maintenance of electrical installations, and automation and maintenance. Degrees in the field of building services provide competence in the installation, repair and maintenance of heat production and distribution systems and ventilation systems in real estate. As a building services professional, you can work in heating, plumbing and air conditioning companies, real estate services, factory maintenance and HVAC sales.

Construction and Surface Treatment Services

  • As a professional in the field of construction and surface treatment, you are responsible for the maintenance of residential, workplace and leisure facilities and various environmental structures.

Social, Health and Education

  • With a degree in social, health and well-being, you promote the health, well-being and ability to function of your clients or patients. The goal of your work is to prevent health and social harms and increase people’s inclusion.  
  • With degrees in education and guidance, you will gain the skills needed in education, guidance and communications. A Children’s instructor works in early childhood education and care, taking care of children’s comprehensive wellbeing. A youth and community instructor plans, organises and coordinates the activities of people in different ages.  

Hairdressing and Beauty Care

  • In the field of hair and beauty care, you learn the skills of the field, meet people and promote their well-being.

Restaurant Services and Food Industry

  • Degrees in the restaurant and food industry provide expertise in various and varied service tasks in the catering industry. In the industry, you produce services and products in a customer-oriented way for customers’ everyday life, celebrations and leisure. You can also work as a food manufacturer, baker-confectioner, meat product manufacturer or dairy in accordance with business principles and sustainable practices in a variety of circumstances and international environments.

Agriculture, Forestry, Nature and Tourism

  • From Eduko’s land, forest, nature and tourism industry, you can become a professional in the field of environment, forestry, tourism or nature. You can also study undergraduate degrees in agriculture (starting farmer) with us. The training is especially intended for future farm graduates and to support generational change.

Car Technology and Motorsports

  • The operating environment in the automotive industry is international and networked. There is a need for a wide range of experts in the field. Customer orientation and the importance of service quality are emphasized in all tasks. Prerequisites are versatile expertise in the field, application of technical skills and good customer service and cooperation skills. The challenges are the continuous monitoring and application of new technology and the reuse of materials.

Logistics and Warehousing

  • You will have good basic skills in the profession of truck driver / articulated vehicle driver / bus driver, as well as access to various transport activities. During the training, you will complete driving licenses for the vehicle category corresponding to the degree. The degree in warehousing gives you the basic skills to work in a variety of positions in the warehousing and logistics industry. The training provides an overview of the field of logistics as well as basic readiness for warehouse programs and warehouse operations. Warehousekeepers are employed by transport companies, transport, trade, industry and the public sector.

Information Technology

  • Graduate in ICT as a software developer, IT support person, wellness technology installer or electronics installer. In your studies, you will gain a wide range of information, communication and communication technology skills. IT challenges are solved with a long-term and customer-friendly approach.

Machinery and Metal Industry

  • After graduation, you will be able to perform the tasks of a professional in manual or CNC machining, welding, sheet metal work or machine installation and maintenance work. The machine and metal industry offers opportunities for makers who want to see the traces of their hands immediately.

Business, Fashion and Entrepreneurship

  • With us, you can study, for example, undergraduate and professional degree studies in business, which, after completing them, have customer-oriented business skills, communication and interaction skills, and financial management skills. In the fashion industry, you will learn the manufacture of textile and fashion products: clothing design, zoning, the manufacture of bespoke clothing and the manufacture of textile products in series production.

The full list of degrees can be found from the page Koulutusalat.

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