Integration training

Integration training is intended for adult immigrants who are clients of the TE Office. The appropriate course is determined by an entry level test. New courses start approximately every 60 days, which makes it possible to flexibly start Finnish language studies at a suitable level.

Each student’s educational path is different depending on their starting level, learning skills and further plans. At the end of the course, students will have mastered the basics of Finnish.

Content of integration training

  • Finnish language, skill levels 0 – B2
  • job search and working life skills
  • career and study guidance, personal guidance and a follow-up plan
  • digital skills
  • introduction to vocational training
  • on-the-job learning
  • skills mapping
  • based on the student´s career plans, obligatory working life skill cards and certificates (e.g. health and safety card and hygiene proficiency, occupational health, hot works)
  • free participation in the YKI test if you reach level B1 in Finnish during the training

The training is labour policy training and is full-time learning. Apply for training at the TE Office.


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